Cant get my ND2500 above 4x



I am using an old DVD burner (NEC ND 2500A), but am not able to get above 4x speed on RITEKG05 DVD-R media. I select 8x or 6x in Nero but the actual time it takes to complete a full disc is the same as when selecting 4x.

The DVD burner is the only IDE device on my rig, I have 2 HDD running SATA-300 (not raid) and tests shows they are able to do 50Mb/sec in transfer so this is not where the problem is. My cpu is AMD64 3700+, Asus nForce 430 board (A8N-VM CSM), 1gig of RAM.

Should I just dump the burner and get a new one? Would SATA vs. IDE make any difference?

My priorities for a new burner would be 1) speed, 2) quality of burned media, 3) ability to read protected CDs and DVDs. I prefer DVD-R. Any obvious recommendations?

Any help is appreciated, thanks


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Ritek G05 media is the pits these days generally. If it burns successfully then there’s every chance that it’ll degrade quite soon after burning.

Using decent media like Verbatim & the latest firmware for the 2500 will prolong it’s life.
You can even do as many others have done (including me) & cross flash to a 2510.

Having said all that you are probably best getting a new burner , IDE I think. The latest Samsung and Liteon burners plus the reliable Pioneer 111D are all good choices.


Thanks Tim,
I have flashed my firmware to Herrie’s 1.07. Have not experienced any problems with reading Ritek G05 even after 2 years. Anyways, I get the same speed on Verbatim media. They have media code MCC 03RG20 - are these any good?

What is the newest Lite-on, SHM-165H6S ? Samsung, SH-S182 ?

Thanks !


Old G05s are probably OK. It’s the later produced ones that are the problem.

For firmware you want to look here and use either the latest 2.0A or 2.19, with or without bitsetting.

For Liteon burners you’re looking at the LH20 range as the latest , probably the LH20A-1H. The Samsung 182 is the latest there I believe.

If I get a new one soon it’ll be the Liteon I think.


With all regards to Liggy/Dee27, Herrie made some of the best ND-25*0 firmwares ever. :smiley:

Note, download links still working.


Agreed but lacking in support for some of the modern 16x media now.


Maybe I can talk Dee into integrating some of the patches Herrie made with one of the new firmwares :wink:
But I guess she’s already very busy with other things on the site…


Hey Liggy, that would be great!