Can't get my DVD copies to play on my stand-alone player

I have an older Toshiba SD-2109 player which I purchased in 1998.
I’ve successfully copied DVD’s that play fine in my burner, but not
my player. I’m told that since my player is older, it probably only
plays DVD- disc. I’ve tried both, + and - to no avail. The player
just gives me a message that says: ‘Disc Error - Please Check Disc’.

Does anyone have an idea of what I’m doing wrong, or can it be
that the player is just too old to accept DVD copies?

I appreciate any help, as I am really green when it come to making



@ jimbob338,

I just checked the Video Help Web Site ( and the general conscientious is that your Toshiba SD-2109 will play both DVD-R media and DVD+R media.

Perchance have you performed a Nero CD-DVD Speed ( ScanDisc surface scan of your copied DVDs to ensure that they do not contain errors? Just because your copied DVDs will play correctly in your computer DVD Burner does not mean they are error free. If your copied DVDs contain errors will prevent them playing in your Toshiba SD-2109 or any other stand alone desktop DVD play back devices.

Have you attempted to play your copied DVDs in any other stand alone desktop DVD play back devices? If you are unsuccessful in playing your copied DVDs in other stand alone desktop DVD play back devices indicates that the problem lies with your copied DVDs and not your Toshiba SD-2109.

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I’d suggest you try a slow speed burn and/or possibly use another brand of media. Some older players are finicky about the discs they like…

No, I have not performed a Nero CD-DVD Speed ScanDisc. The first DVD
I burned was a DVD-R, I burned it using a Nero 6 Demo. My second burn
was a DVD+R, I burned it with the Roxio Creator 6 software that came with
my burner. (I burned the DVD-R at 4x, and burned the DVD+ at 2x.)
Both DVD’s are TDK (up to 4x compatible), which came with the burner.

I did try playing the DVD-R in two other stand-alone players at Circuit City,
and they both were able to read the disc.



I just did the Nero CD-DVD ScanDics test on my DVD-R disc, which I burned
using the Nero 6 Demo. Test ran clean with no errors. Still will not play in my
component player.


What’s you burner model? And do you have any special settings that your buring thoes discs with? And also- are you able to find out that Mbps your burned discs are, or are they just 1:1.

My burner is a TDK indi 4X Internal drive. I burned one disc in file mode and the other in ISO mode. I don’t know of any special settings, and I don’t know how many Mbps they were burned at.


Are you Using Nero or some other program… With Nero, Use the DVD Video option in Nero (don’t use smart start.) click on Nero buring Rom (Roman buring bldg) and then select the DVD type and Video option. You’ll see two folders on the left of the screen. One is Video_TS and one is Audio_TS, you must put all video files into the Video_TS folder for it to work.
What program are you using? – I’ll be able to help you better. Nero does the best with anydvd and will make a straight 1:1 if you’ve already compressed the files. If not, you can use nero recode to compress the movie to fit on a disc.