Can't get my drive to burn these discs HELP!

Hi there,
I’m new here so if I’m doing this wrong I apologize.

I have a Benq LS DW1655 drive with the BCIB firmware upgrade. I have these discs called Natural CD-R 700mb/80mins multi-speed 48x. I did a Nero CD info on them and Nero says that they are Multi-Media Masters and Machinary CD-R. I have tried and tried to burn music to them using Windows Media player and Sonic Player, but they keep coming back with an error. They both do a verify on the songs to be burnt and then say an error has occurred. I have tried several different discs thinking that it might be faulty media but that does not appear to be the case. It just has me baffled, here is the kicker I did have another Benq Drive before this 1655 and it had no problem writing to these discs at all. I believe it was the 1620.

Plz respond here.

on my system i have:
Windows Vista Premium Home
Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard
1 gig RAM
1.86 DuoCore 2 CPU
GeForce 7600 GT Video
Benq Flat Panel LCD 17" Monitor

Welcome to CD Freaks.

What speed do you burn at? I ask as we generally recommend 16x for Audio CDs.

It’s not good to post your email address like that as you might open yourself up to spammers.

I’ll ask one of the other mods to remove it.

thanks for the info about the email address. Appreciate the help. I’ll try burning at a slower rate.

well I’ve tried burning at a slower rate and still now luck any other suggestions? Plz I’m desparate.