Can't get my 1213S to work...newbie

I just purchased a 1213S from newegg several weeks ago. Finally got around to installing it and seeing how well it works (I have had Lite on CD burners and always loved them). I tried to copy a dvd using dvd cloner II and 1 click DVD copy, no luck with either.

In 1 click DVD copy I get:
“unable to start the write process” error
WriteSector failed at Sector 16 (16) - Code 00 26 00 [no sense information] errors.

I have tried upgrading to TSOC, than TSOD…than after reading on here I even opened omnipatch and upgrade to 1633S BSOG. No luck

I also read how you guys are saying Lite on’s don’t like -r’s, which is not cool since I bought 100 stack of Ridata 8X DVD-R from newegg as well. I also got 5 newegg DVD-R’s for free with the burner, neither work.

I haven’t tried to use a CD yet to burn a cd to see if I can do that yet, as I was mainly going to just use this for DVD’s.

What can I do to get this to work, or do I just have a dud and need to RMA it?

Like I said in the title, I am a newbie and this is my first DVD burner.

Ok I went ahead and successfully created a DVD with some pics on it using NERO express (oem suite I got with the burner). I worked well using the Newegg DVD-R…although they are only 2.4x discs (I assume my RIDATA’s would work as well). I looked up some specs on NERO info tool and the

Region Control is RPC II Changes left: User: 5
Region Code None Vendor: 4

Could not having a region code selected have something to do with my problems, and if so how do I elect one and what should it be set to?

Forget about your clone tries. Get a 4x +RW DVD for your tries, and burn a full data disk with large files from your harddisk or use nero cd-dvd-speed to check if the drive burns at all.