Can't get LiteOn SOHC-5235K combo to rip at 4x


Just bought a brand new LiteOn SOHC-5235K CD-RW/DVD combo drive, and it won’t rip a music CD at 4x. If I use CloneCD to copy one of my music CD’s, and select 4x and best quality extraction, the drive slowly speeds up well above 4x!!! :a

My old LiteOn CD-RW drive, model no: LTR-48125S ripped at 4x.

Any help would be great, thanks.

There’s no need to, anymore at least.
Using digital audio extraction and error correction, ripping at 52x is no less than at 1x, unless the drive just won’t read the disc at all do to dirt/damage.

So, i wouldn’t worry about ripping it faster.

I can rip Audio CD at 0.4x in my SOHW1213s, maybe you should try EAC, it can rip audio CD in the best quality.