Cant get it to work!

I have installed CDRWin 3.8 to copy certian game cd’s and when i go to record i get an error mesage saying start Dao recording command failed or device 2:1:0 cuesheet was rejected by CDRom recorder. I also tried to use DiscJuggler and got a similar error on recording. I dont know whay this is happening. I am usuing an HP 8110plus. If anyone knows what i can do i would appreciate it, Thanx!!

Never had this problem…but did you check the path of the bin file in the cue sheet.
When you download a warez iso the path of the bin file is wrong…must fix this before you can burn.
Make a text file…open the text file, then go to file and select open…now select “all files”.
You can see the cue sheet…open this and you see the file path.
You can change this, just erase everything exept the name of the bin file and " ".
Dont know if this is the solution, maybe somewone else can tell you more about this…

Hmm i’m having the same problem and cant find any advice other than the cue file patch/name fix. Does ANYONE know/heard of any other fixes for this ? The file path is like mabe a fix in 5% of the problems maybe!

If you post the contents of the CUE file, perhaps someone here will see the problem with it.