Can't get ide/raid card to work ( not recognized in windows )

I’ve just switched from an asus p5ld2 to a p5b deluxe, and came short of one of my IDE ports, so I used my IDE card wich I still had left, It’s an SD-SIL680-RAID ( sticker on card), Sil0680 REV E ( according to text on the card ) and Silicon Image SH0680ACL144 (according to text on the chip)

It wasn’t recognized in windows so I forced driver install, and now it comes up with this:

Code 10: The device doesn’t start.

Any idea’s how I can get the card to work, I’m cd/dvd drive-less atm due to having 2 IDE hdd’s, both essential ones with 1 OS each on them ( pfff intel why on earth did you drop an ide port) .

Any idea how I can get the card to work?


your card seems to be a RAID variant, but it looks as if you had installed the non-RAID drivers. In case you want to connect optical drives, the controller has to be a non-RAID controller. Fortunately, you can load a non-RAID firmware for many SIL based cards.


How would I go around and do that?
Flash it’s bios I mean?
Are any floppy’s involved as I lack any floppy drives, as these days for mainboards I always flash it with a cd or a usb stick.

There should be some instructions available on Silicon Image Website (they might also be part of the firmware package).

The silicon image site is dodgy, I can’t seem to find the page for the raid version of the card just for the ide version, any idea’s?
Should I email them and ask for help?

Hi :slight_smile:
Just go [B][U]here:[/U][/B]
Download Bios & Drivers.
Flash Bios 1st.
Right Click on device in Device Manager. Go to properties. There should be a flash your bios part. Simply use browse to locate the bios & off you go.
Once done install the appropriate driver.
The above applies to Vista.
If using earlier OS then go [B][U]here[/U][/B] for Bios & Bios Tool.
Combined Bios & Driver for Windows XP [B][U]here:[/U][/B]

I have that one, but there’s no setup just files there so I ‘‘forced’’ a driver intsall in windows.

Now that I read instruction :

. Adding the Sil 0680 controller to an existing Windows 2000/XP or Windows Server 2003 installation
Follow the instructions in this section to install the Silicon Image SiI 0680 controller into a system already running Windows 2000/XP or Windows Server 2003.

  1. Power off the system. Insert the SiI 0680 controller into an available PCI slot. Connect parallel ATA cable(s) between the SiI 0680 controller and your ATA and ATAPI device(s). Power up the system.

  2. During OS boot up, Windows will display the ‘Found New Hardware Wizard’. Click ‘Next’.

  3. Select ‘Search for a suitable driver for my device (Recommended)’ and Click ‘Next’.

  4. Under ‘Optional search locations’ insure that ‘Floppy disk drives’ is checked.

  5. Insert the diskette labeled Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA/133 Driver Installation Disk’ into A: and click ‘Next’.

  6. When the wizard indicates that it found a driver for the device click ‘Next’.

  7. If the ‘Digital Signature Not Found’ dialog appears, click ‘Yes’ to continue installing the driver.

  8. The wizard will now copy the required files to the system and start the driver. After starting the driver the wizard will display a completion dialog, click ‘Finish’ to exit the wizard.

  9. See instructions in Verifying Controller Installation to verify controller was installed correctly.

My problem =

I didn’t ever get the new hardware wizard, I just forced the drivers but I have no clue wether windows has noticed the card at all.

Vista is a whole different problem :bigsmile: , it refuses to boot at all and just reboots since mobo change, I suspect it’ll even be an even bigger deal to get it working there than in xp, need to get that thing to boot first, my guess is it doesn’t recognize the jmicron controller on wich the main hdd’s are wich means I’ll need a repair intstall probably, but I have no dvd drive to do it with XD, what is odd though is that xp recognized the controller okay while vista is the newer OS and didn’t :confused: ( Vista ultimate 64 bit btw).

TY for your help though, will try some stuff tomorrow such as change the pci slot etc.

Hello again, my problem appeared to be that the card wasn’t pushed down correctly in it’s pci slot, however this brought up an even bigger prob, when I tried it properly in the pci slot ( I’ve tried 2 actually), it now brings up the raid screen like any onboard ide controller does, however on continueing when it starts loading the vista boot manager I can see colour corruption on my screen (while it’s loading teh vista boot manager), it loads the loader nonetheless, I select older OS-es so it loads the XP bootmanager, all looks fine, I select my proper XP install ( I have 2x XP and 1x vista ) and BAM, all the edges of my screen corrupt in odd colours and the pc is frozen.
The problem only arrises with the card in my pc, any idea’s why the card is messing up both vista and xp boot managers (thus making it impossible to boot to windies)?

Hi :slight_smile:
Well at least you’ve got somewhere.
It sounds like your setup, doesn’t like where the PCI card is now.
If like me, you only have 2 options. Well, I don’t know what to say.
I currently have PCI cards in my 2 slots. Both SliiconImage chip based. No problems either.
Running Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

Would a ide-sata convertor work you think?
Or should I just dump my old burner and get a modern Sata burner?
Would a SATA burner work okay since my sata chip (intel matrix ich8r) is set to RAID mode ( got a raid 0 on it) ?

Hi :slight_smile:
There shouldn’t be any reason why an IDE <> SATA converter wouldn’t work.
As for SATA DVDRWs, even if your board has problems. Then the SATA PCI cards. SiliconImage chip based. Seem a bit more adaptable.
I am using 2. The 3114 & 3512.

I have a spare 3512, but how do I know for sure It wont have the same problem as the ide silicon card?

Also the ide<>sata is odd, ill post a pic later on to show you what I mean, it comes with 1 extra plug wich I don’t recognize.

Thank you for your continued help :slight_smile: .

If you’ve forced installation of drivers you have wrong driver or correct driver without the proper dev id’s. Corruption is in most cases hardware incompatibility, if you’ve fitted your card improperly you may have fried it. IDE/SATA-adapters doesnt always work smoothly, there have been reports of incompatibility.

How would I go around getting this convertor to work ok?
There are 4 pins wich I don’t recognize, are they essentials?


Hard to tell what connector type, need a close up, but that’s probably it.

Probably, but I have no idea how to power it up, that thing in the pic is all I have, here’s a close-up, anybody recognize the type of connector?

You have never seen a power connector for a Floppy?

OH, lol, sorry I haven’t had a floppy now for 3 years, and the years before that, I never used it, I just build it in and never touched it again :p, compeltly forgot about floppy connectors, all I had in my mind that comes from a psu were PCIE plugs, mainboard plugs, molex plugs and sata plugs, just forgot there’s a floppy plug too.
Will try to plug the thing in tomorrow before turning my pc on ( atm I’m encoding something, will prolly take a night…).