Can't get good results burning PRODISCR03


I’ve got an 812S@832S with CG3E. I’m getting TERRIBLE results with PRODISCR03 yet everyone else seems to be doing very well with all these ingredients. More frustrating is there is no consistency. Here are two 8X burn scans I made burning one PRODISCR03 right after another.

Both discs were burned at 8x. I’ve been getting almost all unusable discs so far from this 50 pack spindle. I had the same results using VS0A firmware as well.

Here’s a 4X burn scan but only a partial as Kprobe was struggling and reporting Servo errors. I stopped the scan at 81%:

Any thoughts? RICOHJPNR01 burns great for me… even at 8X. I can’t explain these results at all. I could say it was a bad batch of discs yet the one scan isn’t that bad.


try to swap it to yuden t02/t01

@ Civuck
Why not stay with the RICOHJPNR01? You may want to use the eeprom memory erase tool after those disasters.

Can you explain how to go about doing that?


I ordered a 50 disc spindle so I’ve got lots of the PRODISCR03 - plus they are inkjet printable. If there’s a way I can get these things to work - I would love to find it.

Why do you suggest the EEPROM erase tool? I’ve not used it before. My RICOHJPNR01 continue to burn fine - even at 8x.

Thanks for the reply…


I may be wrong, but the main reason to use the eeprom tool is if you have burned more than 4 discs of the same code and are getting bad burns. This will erase the information and allow the drive to re-learn the media and possibly improve the strategy. If you are getting bad burns and have burned less than 4, wait. Strat swap is done with omnipatcher.

Yes, just load the CG3E firmware into OmniPatcher and apply the recommended tweaks. This will strat. swap the R03 to the T02. Save the file under a new name and then run the new file to flash the drive. :wink: I don’t know how much difference it will make. That media looks pretty bad. There’s been some other reports of poor quality R03, which has me wondering whether there might be some counterfeit R03 on the market. :frowning:

What does the serial number on the disc look like?

Thanks for the reply,

The scans above I posted were -after- using Omnipatcher and applying the recommended tweaks file.

The serial # from the good disc is:

The serial # from one of the bad discs is:

So far 1 of 7 discs has been usable from this 50 spindle of PRODISCR03.


Those serials certainly look like Prodisc numbers. Prodisc are making a lot of MCC media now. shrugs Maybe it’s affecting their quality. Try the strategy switch, using the recommended tweaks, and see how that goes…

The recommended tweaks file didn’t adjust the PRODISCR03 strategy- only some of the other PRODISC codes.

I did however manually strat. swap the PRODISCR03 to T02 as suggested and ended up with a very pretty burn:

Oops sorry. Because R03 has been burning quite nicely recently, with the stock strategy (unfortunately not in your case :sad: ), the strat switch for R03 to T02 has been removed from the recommended tweaks.

Anyway, that’s not the result one would expect from that strategy switch. I don’t want to waste all your media but can I suggest you de-power your drive and then restart. Then use the [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility[/thread] to reset your learnt media data and then try another burn…

Ok… two things…

I tried another burn with the PRODISCR03 - the drive got to the finalizing stage and simply wouldn’t stop - redlight was on, drive was clicking occasionally and every now and then would speed up and then slow down. It kept doing this.

I cancelled the burn and later used the EEPROM utility to reset the learnt media data. I tried to reburn the same stuff to the PRODISCR03 and got the same results - wouldn’t stop finalizing.

This PRODISCR03 stuff is VERY strange.

One thing of note - if it isn’t aready known - is this media is inkjet printable to the hub. Since I’ve had one semi-decent burn out of it, I shouldn’t think that means anything. Just thought I’d mention it anyway.


I’ve split this off into a separate thread, with a descriptive title. Hopefully someone else can suggest something that will help.

hmm, that is very interesting… if it was me, i’d try t01/01 strat aswell, and some more strat switches… though i have to admit, strat swapping should NOT cause burns like that!

ProdiscR03, 50 disc spindle, burn 8X with the stock strategy.