Can't Get DVDs to Start in Drive

I can’t get DVDs to start in my D drive any more. I get a message that the discs may be corrupted and that Microsoft cannot support the DVD?? I have DVD Fab but can’t get the player to start. I have Windows XP Home Edition. When I set my D drive (DVD player) to DVD start automatically, it reverts back to the defaults each time and will not start the DVDs. Naturally, DVD Fab will not work if I can’t get the movie to play. My burner is the E drive, it used to work but something has changed??? Thanks, Phil

try some good software like The KMPlayer (which is what i use myself) or the popular VLC Player.

both are free :wink:

What kind of DVD’s orig. or copies and where did they come from also you might delete the IDE channel they are on and reboot and let windows reinstall it and see if that will help

They are just standard, regualar DVD movies you buy in the store. The DVDs I recorded earlier start fine but the originally recorded ones don’t start. Don’t quite understand how to change the settings you mentioned. Thanks, Phil