Can't get DVD to play +RW, -RW, -R or +R disks



Just won’t play any disks other than ones recorded on it or film DVD’s.

I have loads of recorded disks from my previous LG recorder but this Panasonic just ain’t playing. The disks are ok as they play fine on my other DVD player in the bedroom and PC but not this one bought brand new Dec 2009. I am livid as it states it palys all formats. They have all been finalised (those that need to be). What can I do?


So this is a stand alone player your having trouble with?

Still have the recite? return it :smiley:


I have a portable DVD player that plays recordings on Sony +R media recorded with boot type set to DVD-ROM and plays no other recorded media including Verbatim. All other media recordings play fine on 3 or 4 other players but not on the picky portable player. It may be you too have another picky player similar to the one I have.