Cant get dvd to fit in one CD-R!Help!

Ive tried already 2 softwares that claim to put any dvd into 1 cd-r disc. Every time I try they end up in two. Can anyone give me some ideas on how I can make the file smaller so it can fit?
Besides resolution?

Arr… what have you tried ? and what are you trying to make ? is it an AVI or XVCD or what?

DVD cOPY PLUS and dvd squeeze.
Im not really knowledgeable about this but I think I made them in the VCD format. Whats the difference between avi and xvcd?. I just want them to be able to play in my home dvd player. And to be able to fit in 1 cd.

oh by the way im just trying to make a copy of this dvd that I own that is called " A beautiful mind"

A VCD will not normally fit onto 1 CD as a CDR can only hold 79min movie on a 80min CDR. If you can burn to 99min CDR’s then you can fit a 98min movie no problems.

But if you can only handle normal 80min CDR’s then I would suggest you try EazyVCD ( ). Its free and all software requiresd is installed when you install it. Select XVCD to fit it to one cdr, but expect a big drop in picture quality.

Have a read of this Tutorial for quality VCD conversions …

Your advice is greatly appreciated.