Cant get DVD to be detected by computer

Please help me!

I have bought Acto of War: Direct Action. The first time I put the DVD it worked and installed. Now it is installed my computer does not recognise that the disc is in the drive. :sad:
My computer is DVD compatible as I have many other Games which have DDV-Roms.

Please help me as soon as possible.

i think you need to install slysoft anydvd programm. try it

I am not sure what are you trying to do?
If it is purchased DVD, you can play it on your computer using Window Media Player or other software player.
If you copied the files from DVD to your HD they will not work, unless you use a ripper to copy them.

Sorry but the first idea, i didnt understand what to do with the anydvd software. It was a bought game of Act of War: Direct Action.
It is a DVD-rom and my computer doesnt detect that it is in the drive. I tried it on my laptop and it worked! Please any other suggestions! thx

Sorry, I did not know it is a game.
Do not worry about AnyDVD, it is a riping software.
If you look at your thread, the way you typed it, it show that DVD it is a software for creating DVD, that is why AnyDVD came up.
As for your game DVD, I would guess that something went wrong during install. But this is just a guess since I am not too familiar with game DVD.
Hope somebody else will pick it up to help.

Thanks anyway. I have found a new problem. I uninstalled it so I can reinstall the game and my computer would even pick the disc up… I detectd other game DVD’s I have, but not this one! Can anyone help!?

If that is the case. If you just bought the disc recently, return it for exchange.
It is possible that the disc is faulty. It happen even on pressed disc.