Can't get DVD Drive or Burner to Recognize some DVDs



A couple of months ago, my DVD drive (NEC one) stopped being able to recognize as DVDs ones that I had recorded on my DVD recorder. Windows Explorer would just recognize them as CDs.

After trying about a million things (changing bitsettings, etc), I finally decided that the drive was simply shot (for whatever reason).

So I bought myself an external DVD/CD burner (an LG Super Multi).

For a brief period of time, it seemed like my problems were solved. The external burner was able to read and rip television programs I had recorded using my DVD recorder.

But then the problem reared its ugly head again. Suddenly, the burner wouldn’t recognize DVDs with television I had recorded on them as DVDs.

But here’s where it gets REALLY confusing:

a. both the burner and the drive still recognize as DVDs, movie dvds I’ve bought at the store

b. both the burner and the drive are able to burn DVDs (with content already on my computer).

c. both the burner and drive recognize as DVDs that I recorded from television some months ago but not the ones recently.

I’ve already contacted the manufacturer --who in a burst of helpfulness commented that I must have ruined the internal drive. But that makes no sense as the problem replicated onto the new burner.

On just a chance that the DVD burner went bad, I went to the store and got a new one (the exact same type). However, I encountered the exact same problem.

This seems to indicate that there is something wrong with the software on the computer.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be wrong and how to fix it?


TV copy protection?


Actually, you are missing one very important area : the media used. Are the discs you used recently the same as the ones you used months ago (the ones which can still be read)? What brand/speed of media are you using?

The fact that the drive can still read store bought DVDs means that there is nothing wrong with the drive itself. If the drive can still read discs burned months ago, then it cannot be the software/OS either.