Cant get copied dvd to play


have followed the instructions implicitly on dvd2one by copying to hd . processing and then copying to dvd-r using nero.
will play in wmp but not in main dvd player, get disc eror message, also it plays on my pc but does not autostart etc only plays by selecting file–i must be missing something thats not in instructions killed 4 dvds so far.

thought this sounded to easy lol
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When I 1st started DVD backups, I too had the same problem, and thought as you do; but there are a few things you have to look at.

  1. Does your stand alone player accept DVD-/+R/RW’s? Some older players do NOT. As was my case.

  2. What type of media are you using? Some media just will not play on selected stand alone’s.

  3. (I know that I am going to get blasted for this…but) I don’t like using Nero. It has what I call a “compliance” problem with it’s DVD format. To burn, I use one of 3 programs… ImgTools, Veritas Record now, and my favorite… CopyToDVD. CopyToDVD is compatable with DVD2One, and does a lot of the work for you by automatically adding folders and making it compliant to play in most stand alone players.

So in the end, if it plays from the dvd in your computer and NOT your stand alone… it just might be your stand alone. However, try one of the above burning tools (I do recommend CopyToDVD) first, and try again.

I hope this helps.


ditto above…
Any newbie should have confidence that making a D2O backup is easy and reliable. If anyone finds an issue at first, posting here would be a good first-step instead of producing lots of coasters and getting frustrated.
However, when asking for input, details are a requirement for anyone to give solid advice… For example, name the ripper used and it’s version (and the Mode used for rip), your current version for D2O and choice for Movie-only or Full, and Size setting. Also, the burning app version, and the settings used. In some cases, your burner, it’s firmware #, and the media type/brand/speed enter into ‘issues’.
Your OS, and your stand-alone player may be involved as well.

As ‘shot in the dark’ advice, use DVDDecryptor and in FileMode. If Nero must be used, try UDF-mode.
What model is your player? DVD + or - R or RW?

@ Loggy…

Decrypter 3.1.4? I am using 3.1.6 (the latest version)… no problems yet, but is there an issue with this version that I am not aware of?

Please fill me in…


DVDD is an outstanding app…
however, it’s newer-than- versions have caused ‘issues’ for certain movies/modes/backups for many with D2O (although I had no problems with it before switching back). This was discussed in several threads, including one participated-in by DVDD’s author and Rene & MrBass. While the upcoming (soon, I hope!) 1.2 Engine may resolve all, the consensus was that newer DVDD’s made minor changes to streams that occasionally resulted in D2O choking in some fashion.
Best advice for now is to stay with–which is fully-functional.

I had no idea… Thanks for the info! :bow: