Can't get CloneDVD2 to write to disc



I purchase the full package from SlySoft and have been using AnyTime DVD plus CloneDVD2 for several months now without a problem. Last week I started getting several error message such as " DVD writer does not have exclusive access" and “please insert writable disc in drive”.

I disable every program which I though was running in background and change disc but then the other message regarding “please insert writable disc appears. I tried burning from a different computer but I got an error message, cannot find file” when the writing is suppose to start.

As I stated earlier, I have used the program with very good results in the past because it is easy and simple to use. What has gone wrong?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Van

Could you uninstall CloneDVD2 (using the uninstaller from start/programs/elaborate bytes/CloneDVD) - reboot, reinstall, reboot and try again? Make sure you have acopy of your registration keys before you start. I would also make sure you have the lastet version of CloneDVD2 before you reinstall (should be version - try that and let us know how you get on.


I had a similiar problem. After research I found that a recently installed application gained priority to burning drivers. I uninstalled that application completely. I also did a full uninstall and re-install of clonedvd2. It worked perfectly after that. Make sure that you review any new applications you installed around the time you had begun to have these problems.


Senoir memeber: I will follow your instructions.

Mrfantastic: How can I find out which program has gain priority to the burning drivers?



Yes i would like to know this answer to if that is what is causing problems with Clone DVD.
However after I did an uninstall and a Registry clean since this problem that is the same as the original post everything has been fine.
I just wondered if this “driver” issue is my problem to and how to go about finding it.
i also have been using “Any DVD” with the Clone DVD and not had problems. I hope this unistall keeps the proggy working reliably.
I hope that someone will respond to the original posters question which would answer mine as well.
Though I must say that I have not installed any new proggys since Clone DVD was purchased.