Cant get CloneDVD key to work

I have used CloneDVD over the last few days and have really enjoyed the way it works and everything.

So today I went ahead and paid for anydvd and clonedvd all went fine with anydvd. But when I download the key for clonedvd my computer find it as a .rar file and when I got to follow the email that saids

To activate a licence, please save the keyfile to your harddisk (to your
desktop for example) and double-click it. After a restart, your product
is unlocked and registered to you.

So when I double click on it all I get is c:\documents and settings\hrsde\desktop\Key.CloneDVD the archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

I download it a few different times and no matter what I get the same thing.

any help would be great.

Download WinRAR and uncompress the files inside, then double click those!

They should be named Key.AnyDVD and Key.CloneDVD

If you have already done this and you are on XP you may need to

“right click your key-properties-and find a button called “unblock” click that then OK, then try your key again.”

(This has been posted before just copying the info into this post for you)

is it a legit key?

MadBob that did not work, its not a compressed file. I dont know why its trying to us .rar to open it. Anydvd key installed installed just fine its just the clonedvd that keeps saying the above. I tried unblock but it did not help. Still got the same message.

Zaq yes its a legit I just paid for it.
SlySoft order number: edit

Dear Mr. Pedersen,

I would edit your post to remove your order number - or contact admin to do it for you!!

Try right clicking the file and sellect “Open With” and choose “Notepad”, when it opens in Notepad click on the “File” tab at the top right of the window and sellect “Save As” and type Key.CloneDVD as the “File Name” then choose a location to save it and click “Save”, make shure you don’t save it in the same place.
Now go to where you saved the new file and double click it and see if it works.

Hope this helps!

Sweet I got it, what i had to do was go to c:/program files/clonedvd/regclonedvd.exe which then opend the file and got it to work.

Hummm damn I thought I did x that out… crap…

Thanks for the help guys.