Can't get Clone DVD to start reading or writing

Hi, I am new here, but not to backup copies. I had X Cop. Plat- I had to wipe my hard drive last week. I ran out of activations. Contacted X Cop. Int.- Was supposed to hear back-They did not get back to me.

I downloaded AnyDVD, CloneDVD 2, and Virtual CloneDrive 2 days ago. They say it’s a 21 day free trial period. I got to the 2nd screen and keep getting the following error message: “System can’t specified path.” I don’t know how to proceed. The box at the top of the screen is blank. I don’t know what it wants from me. My burner is a new Sony DRU-800A, I use Verbatim 8X -R media, and have had NO problem with X copy. How am I supposed to evaluate a product that won’t work? I am guessing that there is something minor going on. Their directions are so unclear- They don’t say what to put in that line. I put a DVD in the burner, then clicked on Clone. I put a blank in the burner, then opened Clone. I opened Clone 1st, then put the movie in. Same error message each time. Can someone please help? If this software doesn’t make backups it has no value to me. Thanks. :confused:

Not sure what you mean - on the second screen click on double arrow icon next to the empty bar - that will allow you to tell CloneDVD2 where the video files are.

There is also a little help button above which will launch a very helpful overview on how to use CloneDVD2 as well - let me know how you get on.

Perhaps I’m dense, but- Do I put a DVD in the burner 1st, then open Clone 2, click on DVD, then the next screen appears- Up top it wants me to put in the correct path for writing. That is where I am stuck- I don’t know the procedure to copy the original, (Read-then write process) and when to put the blank in for the write. I keep getting stuck on the PATH. I have read all the info in the help section-I can’t make this work. With X Copy Plat. it was so easy. What am I missing? What are the steps, what goes in the “Path” space? Thank you. :confused:

Okay to get a handle on this - on the top right of the screen there is a title - what screen are you on? I guess it is the one that says output method?

If you only have 1 drive, you will have to put the movie into the burner to rip it, when it’s finished the disc will eject and then you’ll have to put your blank disc in.

path = video_ts


OK, 1st screen: I clicked on “write existing disc.” Then clicked on Next. Screen 2: Clicked on “DVD Movie Files.” In PATH: Typed C:/clonedvdtemp/video_ts.ifo Then in “Output Method” clicked on DVD Writer, Clicked on D Drive- Sony DRU-800A, then put Movie in & closed burner door. Then clicked on the “GO” button to screen 3. Got the SAME EXACT message since the 1st time. States: "File 0 C:/clonedvdtemp/video/ts.ifo/video_ts.ifo3 (This is in the “details” screen. I don’t get this. What’s wrong? Thanks all.

Have you ripped the movie first ?, if not try using 1 of the other 2 options, it will rip to clonedvd’s temp folder, when it’s finished it will eject original movie, then you put in your blank. Remember to uncheck any unwanted subtitles/language.

Have you read this guide. (bottom half is for clonedvd)

Since your post I d-loaded DVD Shrink- 3.2 It’s analyzing a movie now. Do I open Clone after Shrink is finished? Do I leave shrink running? Thanks.

I tried to use Clone to copy the movie-got the same error message after watching shrink analyze it. I did, however open Any DVD 1st and try to make it work. Then I tried Clone 2 and nothing happened. I don’t even know which program to use. The only thing I accomplished was to get Shrink to read my movie. Did 1 of you say this was a simple process if I d-loaded all 3 things, or did I get it wrong? Thanks.

Right - first off - if you are backing up a commercial DVD, you need to have AnyDVD running, this will remove the protection from the disc on the fly. You then need CloneDVD2 to make it fit onto a single sided disc.

With AnyDVD running, load the original into your drive. Start CloneDVD2. On the first screen of CloneDVD2, select the first option Copy DVD Titles.

This will take you to the second screen - on the click down arrow select browse - find the Video_TS folder on your DVD disc. It will now allow you to select what video titles you want (it will automatically select the main movie) - you can also preview the video here.

Click next, and select what audio stream you want - click next again - and now your on the output method screen. To burn to a disc click on DVD writer on the top right of the screen. (you may have to tell clone where to store temparory files)

Now click on go -

follow this and let me know how you get on.

@ walker1,

As suggest by Forum Member Bjproc closely review the CloneDVD & AnyDVD Guide by MadBob. This Guide is very detailed and provides step-by-step pictures on exactly how to use AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination. A link to the CloneDVD & AnyDVD Guide is provided below.

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Hi, I could not get Clone 2 to work- I used Shrink 2 to analyze & encode film. When it was done I minimized it & opened Clone 2. Clicked on DVD Titles- Browse- (Clone temp folder)- NEXT- SELECT- DVD Writer-GO- Creating DVD files-TO: Recordable media-Put blank in burner-Write began- Played finished backup. Is this the shortest way to accomplish backups? I think AnyDVD was on in the background. Thanks all.

@ walker1,

Once again please read the provided below tutorial in its entirety and do what is detailed in the tutorial.

This Guide is very detailed and provides step-by-step pictures on exactly how to use AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination. Do exactly what is depicted in the above tutorial and you will not have any problems.

Visit SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD. Then follow the step-by-step procedures depicted in the above tutorial.

There is absolutely no reason to be using DVD Shrink or any other software programs other than AnyDVD-CloneDVD. The AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination software program is the easiest quickest way to back up a DVD. Not other software is need other than AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

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you can use CloneDVD2 for this too use either option 1 or option
2 on the title screen

OK, I followed the instructions- Made a nice backup of Toy Soldiers. Then I put in True Lies and followed the sequence. After the burn I ended up with another copy of Toy Soldiers. I’m not sure what happened. As soon as Clone started I saw the preview screen showing Toy Soldiers. It wanted to re-read it again. I must be almost on top of things. How do I get Clone to read True Lies?

Please read this:

Thank you!

I did read it-three times at least. For whatever reason it won’t dump Toy Soldiers & read True Lies. I tried to delete Toy Soldiers, but it’s still there. I want to DUMP it & go on to True Lies.

On the last film strip page “Output Method” at the bottom ‘check’ Delete Temporary video files after writing.

I’ll try it. I guess that means losing a blank-and then all is well? Thank you.

I ran the Clone with True Lies in the burner- It read, and then wrote to the blank- Toy Soldiers again. I did indeed click on the box that said delete temp files after writing. I have no idea what Clone will do if I put another film in the burner.