Cant get burned DVD to play? help!

Hi, wasn’t sure the correct place to post this question…
I have been through all the topics regarding this question on the boards and still have not found a response that worked.

Im trying to burn an MPEG-2 file I made in Adobe Premiere 6.5 onto a Memorex + R DVD (yes… i know they are the worst.) Im using DVD Styler. When I pop the video into my ps2 it makes a weird screech sound on the menu and when I try and play the video it plays the first couple seconds of text and when an image finally appears it freezes. Then I tried it in my regular cheap standalone player (fairly new) it will not play the video whatsoever. It shows the menu but when i click “play” it turns black for 2 seconds then goes back to the menu.

Any idea what im doing wrong? All my settings are correct (i believe) on dvdstyler… The dvd also plays fine on my computer.
Thanks in advance