Can't get BD-R discs to last


For the last two years I’ve been trying to archive my large (26 GB) Home movie DV data files. I’ve made over 30 burns to (mostly 25 GB) Verbatim BD-R media.

The problem is, almost all of them seem to ‘go bad’ within about a year of burning them. I’m getting pretty discouraged, and can’t seem to figure out what’s going wrong.

I started out about 2 years ago with an LG GGW-H20L and CyberLink Power2Go/Nero. All were ‘verified’ when they were written.

About a year later I ran Nero Discspeed on them, and many were all ‘green’ except for the outside 5-10% which had unrecoverable errors.

At that time, I remade the discs when I had added a new Pioneer BDR-205. This time I checked to ensure I created them with Verify and Defect Management on. I verified them with DiscSpeed and most were 100% ‘Green’ at that time.

But a year later and now many of these verify the first 90-95 percent as ‘all green’, but have yellow/red bad spots on the ‘outside’ scan again (and won’t read completely without errors).

The discs get stored in white sleeve DVD cases in an dark environment that runs 55F - 70F. Much older DVDs I have seem fine.

Anyone have any ideas on what might be going wrong?



Optical media does worn out over the time.
The chemicals used within them never stops “working”…

Consider backing the content up also to another target, eg. external hdd.

I guess you’re saying this is par for the course with BD-R :(.

Since my Verbatim DVD-R’s seem to be lasting much longer than 1 year I expected the BD-R media to last as well.

I guess I had excessive expectations…

> Consider backing the content up also to another target, eg. external hdd.

That’s the main reason I didn’t lose the data (I had made a backup to both BD-R and external HDD so I always had a redundant backup).

So far, only the external HDD’s have held up (although one of those (out of about 10) did die on me as well over the last 2 years…).