Can't get BatchDisc's MakeFS to create root files

I am using the BatchDisc Dos tools to automate creation of CD image ISO files using MakeFS and burning ISO files using File2Disk.

I can get MakeFS to create a disk with the contents I want but it always apears in a folder and I need it to be in the route, particularly autorun.inf.

What I want to do is create an image with the contents of c:\source*.* to be created in *.* of the CD.

The command line I am using is:
c:\makefs if=@c:\source.lst of=c:\source.iso /JOLIET /RECURSE

With c:\source.lst containing:
c:\source \

instead of a CD with the contents being in the root of the CD they are placed in X:\source (Where x is the disk drive letter)

Any help appreciated. MakeFS is paid for and registered.

I also cannot get the CD title to work. Trieds the people at to no avail.

I have written Word VB macros to burn CD’s from a Word document if anyone is interested.