Cant Get BackUp Cd's to Load

I just got Vampire and I wanted to make a backup of it so I used Nero Express.

I got the first cd to Backup Successfully, it went through the whole installation proccess fine until it asked for cd 2

Now I did everything the same with cd 2 as i did with cd 1. But when the game ask for Cd 2 during installation it doesnt read it for some reason. Ive tried making like 6 backup cds and so far nothing has worked =. Am i doing anything wrong?.

Any suggestions on what i might be doing wrong please Help Me :bow:]

Oh yeah i used Nero Express to make all 3 copies of my game

Oh and another thing i found wierd.

If i dont do the install and I just put cd 2 in to see if it loads by itself, it does.
Is that wierd or what.

your backup made with nero will NOT run, even if it installes from the backup - nero cannot copy any newer kind of cd-protection…

please, go throuhg the forum here and try to find all information you need to make a copy of that game - it was written here very often…

start in the copy protection list forum, there you’ll be able to find what protection Vampire has…

Tsk tsk tsk…were’nt you the guy who’s thread got closed for the exact same game?

Yeah but i was forced to go out and get it since my friends in Corona , CA got. I gave up trying to get the damn burned so now I do have a legit copy of the game
Thank to Best Buy only 39.99. So i have the game installed already but now im just trying to learn how to back games up.

If you want I can take a picture of it and post it on here so the thread doesnt get closed.

no need to do that (it could also be easily doctored…)
But I am giving you the benefit of the doubt and will not close this thread based on the information presented up to now.

so can anyone help me…

I also want to be able to backup the Soundtrack Cd that came with it =D