Can't get anyDVD key to work with

the program keeps telling me that my 21 days has expired, and i have had the program for more than 6 months or so. I still have the key and when i use it, it tells me to restart, and when I do it tells me trial period has expired and need to order.

Welcome to the forum. Delete and uninstall everything and try a clean install and then use your key. It should clear up.

Welcome to the forum.

Do as Chas0039 has suggested and post back, if you are still having a problem , we will need more information.

i did as told, key did not work, tells me to order.

Do as is says in this thread. Did you clean your cache?

i have done 3 complete uninstalls, then reinstalled, keeps telling me the same thing. your trial period has expired. order or exit.

Hi drgetting,

A few minutes ago I’ve sent you a new license key. Please check your spam folder if you didn’t receive it yet.


Whoa!! You guys are awesome. :bow:

Thanks Tom, you are really awesome.:clap:

I am having the same problem, I emailed slysoft and they are less than helpful. They said to click on the file…I already DID that. When I click on it, it says it is registered and to restart. But when I restart it says my trial period has expired! I will try the cache thing…

God Save the… Keygens? :wink:


send me a private message with your order number and/or email address. I’ll check this issue…


Funny, but if this was the case I do believe they’d know this just by looking at the key.

God Save the… SlySoft!!! :iagree:

What? :confused:

Lets keep the thread on-topic, I have deleted some threads because they were in no way helpful or funny. Two of the posts were deleted because they quoted the original post that was totally off-topic, sorry TRU and DR Who.:cop:

I am having the same issue but it is affecting both anydvd and clonedvd. I have tried all the above mentioned solutions for both applications and nothing seams to work. I both of my keys if I need to send them to anyone for verification. I have had the software since 7/27/05 and never had this type of issue before.

I am having the same problem with AnyDVD I purchased the software on July 11, 2005 and have been using it and updating it without problems since then. When this version ( installed, it told me that my 21 day trial had expired. I then ran my key which told me it was registered but still got the same message. I uninnstalled the program and removed the key info. I then installed the program, ran the key, and got the same result (Expired Trial Version). At this point completely removed AnyDVD, eliminated all references to AnyDVD in the registration database and tried again. Since then I have read all the posts on this forum dealing with AnyDVD and tried many times following the steps outlined in this thread without success. It sounds like writing to Slysoft will not help. Please advise. Thank you.

I can’t get the key to work either. My 21 days is up so I purchased the key thru Sly Soft, I saved it to my desktop, I turned my firewall off, set the security settings to low in IE, unblocked the key but when I try to click on it all it says is Registration of C:\Documents and Settings\Owner|Desktop\Key.AnyDVD ok!Please restart AnyDVD!
But when I restart anydvd it still doesn’t matter. I have sent slysoft 2 emails and they have not answered. Can someone out there help me??? :sad: