Can't get any DVD or CD Burners to work properly on my PC

I have 3 Burners now that don’t work :confused:

2 DVD and 1 CD … they all do the same thing, they read but won’t write or I should say they write (and all burning software like nero or deep burner say they have written and burned successfully) and the discs have burned stuff on them - but None of the discs are readable after or in my brothers PC - the pc just hangs when I try to read what I burned.

I re-installed windows, then I formatted, then I tried taking both drives out switching master/slave and re-installing them both - still they do the same thing. Recording is enabled for both, Device manager says they are working properly :confused:

Not really sure what to do :sad:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This problem is typical of bad media. What discs are you using (mediacode)?

I think I might have Fixed it actually

By accident I found the answer - i retyped in ‘can’t burn dvd’ which is how I found this site origonally but this time it gave me a different forum thread in google - so I took the advice which was for someone else

All I did was update the ASPI drivers and it seems to work - funny, at first I thought it was still messed - the PC kinda hanged for a minute and then i heard a clicking type noise in the drive like the thing just woke out of its funk … and then i tested it in the other drive and it did the same thing… hung a minute and then activated aswell

I’ll have to test a few more burns to see if this is really fixed but this is the first time i’ve gotten a disc to read anything after a burn in about 25 test burns and about 3 weeks.

Glad to know that you solved the problem :slight_smile: