Can't get a good 12X burn

Both yes and no. In Nero CD/DVD Speed there is a built in function to burn a “data disc”, data provided by the app (i.e. CD/DVD Speed).
I´ll post a pic so you can get an idea. :wink:

I hope you have Nero CD/DVD Speed… :cool:

  • Start app goto File–> Options–> Standard tests. Untick everything except for “Create Data Disc”. Klick OK
  • Choose NEC at top (main) window of app, put an empty YUDEN T02 in NEC drive. Klick Start. Off you go.
    -Burning… la la lal la… ( a graph like this will be written.)
    -Save the result with the diskette symbol at upper right. Name and choose .PNG extention. Post here. :slight_smile:

In addition to Max speed (16x?), please also burn @12x and post both pic…

dot “Max” is okay. The app knows the max for disc, gets info from drive (NEC´s) firmware… :wink:

Start with 1 (one) disc, please. No need to waste.

Just to concur what pinto2 said in post 21, I’ve found YUDEN000T02 media to write well at 16x too (see here). In my case I’ve used Plextor 8x DVD+R’s. Fortunately, for TY media the likelihood of getting bad media is very low compared with most of the others.

However, G@M3FR3@K has a valid point here. Not all media is equal, and this is likely to apply to TY media too, so occasionally overspeeding some media could give pretty bad results while writing it at its advertised speed gives very good results. What’s the brand of your TY media? Is it TY branded?

Furthermore, I find it very strange that a Plextor drive has problems with TY media. I’ve had my share of Plextor PX712A bad drives :sad: , but all wrote TY media well. Some better than others, but not nearly close to a coaster. If both PX712A and NEC3500 have problems in writing this media at higher speeds than 8x, you might have a slightly worse than usual TY batch. While unlikely, this can occasionally happen. To me, it is too much of a coincidence that both drives fail to write this media at 12x or higher … and lately I do not belive in coincidences at all :wink:

PS. Those who know me will certify that I’m the last person to blame things on media :wink: However, in this case this might well be …

OK here is a burn at max speed with the NEC using nero cd\dvd speed. I don’t know how to read this can someone explain. Thanks again for your help

Here is a 12X burn with the plextor drive, what does it tell us?

Well done. :iagree:

This tells us your NEC drive IS able to burn at 16x speed on this media…
So, now back to square one. Check the quality with Plextools.

Run test on both burns. Post results. :cool:

(I think many reading this thread got impression your NEC was not “able” to burn at 16x, me included.) lol.

BTW, you can “restore” settings in Nero CD/DVD Speed. :wink:
We will do a “transfer speed test” with this app later on.

Edit, I see it´s on time to update your Nero CD/DVD Speed

Ok here we go and this makes no sense, the scan don’t look all that bad, it’s from the nero data disk. It’s from the NEC drive. The pie errors are high though. 239928. It seems to be movies that are not burning right at 12 or 16X but data looks ok.

here is the plextor scan at 12X using nero cd\dvd speed. PIE is still high 181954

So does anyone know why when I burn a movie at 12 or 16X the end of the disk is crap. Seems i can burn 4 gigs of small files but 4 gigs of large files get bad after 2 3\4 gigs.

Have noticed your CPU usage go up at anytime?

I think I already explained that? It’s simply because at the end of the write process the speeds are the highest and thus errors are more likely to occur, especially when you keep in mind that the outer part of a DVDR disc is often of the lowest quality. I don’t know exactly how a DVDR disc is manufactured but I thought the recording dye is put on the disc starting from the inner ring and then spread to the outer ring. Thus, the outer part of the disc can have a slightly thinner recording layer where errors are more likely to occur. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here!

You refer to a process being known as “Spin-Coating” … a drop of liquid dye is being applied to the rotating lower half of the disc (the one with the groove) and is then distributed due to rotational forces and dried afterwards … this method is 1) cheap and allows 2) low production cycles and 3) good control of raw dye consumption.

Many manufacturers do save too much on dye, though.

So you are basically right :iagree:

But be aware that there are many more parameters to be influenced (or messed up) when producing media …

Let´s sum it up what we got sofar. :wink:

i.- NEC-3500. From the CD/DVD Speedtest and scan above we can clearly see NEC is able to burn YUDEN-T02 @ 16x with acceptable result. From this I also make a assumption that a burn at 12x should result in a readable disc (if data on it).
But to prove this we need a 12x burn on NEC with Nero or other app howard stern has on hand.

ii.- Plextor. The 3 Gig phenomena is still there when burning at 12x with this burner…
My knowledge of Plex is limited so I will gladly pass this “problem” to people with better knowledge then me.

@ howard stern, now when you have the latest version of CD/DVDSpeed, could you please run a full Transfer test with NEC using the (16x) datadisc you created before.
Post a pic showing something like this.

BTW, I don´t think we have a “CPU” issue here.

That’s total PIE. Don’t be bothered too much with total PIE. Your scan in post #28/29 looks fine. Everything below 280 (the bold horizontal line) is good. Below 100 is very good. Yes… I know, some people consider below 20 all the way is excellent…