Can't get a 2 hours 20 minute film onto a dvd




I’m hoping someone can help me out here. I have 3 films which are about 2 hours 20 minutes long. I need to get them onto dvds. They are currently in mpeg2 format but I can’t find any software that will squeeze them onto dvds. I’ve tried CloneDVD2 but it doesn’t like the file format.

I would be very grateful if anyone can help.


Take a look at this thread Robert, mainly the last post and if you have any questions or need any help, you know what to do.


So i’ve got to find something called TMPGenc to convert the files to dvd compatible files and the I can use dvd shrink (which I already have) to put them onto dvds?



yes, you can find it here

and here’s a guide on how to use it

The problem is that Shrink will not recognise the Mpeg2 files and TMPGenc will not handle large files which is why you have to split the file before using it, if you follow my steps exactly in that order you should not have any problems but if you need any help along the way, just ask.

Your link leads to something else with almost the same name.


Thanks people this is very useful, i’ll keep you informed of my progress and will quiestion you further if I need to.


Oh sorry Chef, looks like I made my post at the same time you were doing yours.


yes, was another thing…

The firm is pegasys…


If you want something free just use this vsodivxtodvd


will it convert mpeg2?


I’ve tried tmpgenc but unfortunately dvd shrink still doesn’t like it. Clone DVD doesn’t either. There must be something i’m doing wrong. I’m not sure i’ve changed the filetype I think i’ve just compressedd it


If you’re talking about divxtodvd, it should. Just drop the video in and click convert. It’ll create the folders for you to burn and the speed and quality is pretty good. I’ve used the newer version Convertxtodvd to convert some wmv files.


check first to see if TMP made the mpeg2 file DVD-Compliant?


How do I do that? Sorry if this is a stupid question.


Your source mpeg2 file should just be 1 file, correct? If so, after using TMP, you should se a “few” different files, make sure you set a separate folder for TMP’s “Output” file, meaning you should know where the converted file will be placed and so will have to designate a specific folder for this and no, there is no stupid question as far as I am concerned, feel free to ask whatever you wish, if your’e in the US, you can pm me your number and I can call you to walk you through everything, up to you.


If you’ve got mpeg2 files then you need an authoring program like Tmpgenc DVD Author to create the DVD movie . Then shrink after that.

I wasn’t sure whether these 3 films total 2 hrs 20 or were each of about that.


Yes it is just 1 file, tmp created qute a few new files from it, dvd shrink can’t pick up any of them. I’ll have another go. Unfortunately i’m in the uk.


There’s nothing unfortunate about being in the UK. :bigsmile:


Each film is 2 hours 20 minutes, I saw a link when I downloaded tmp for the tmp dvd author should I have downloaded that aswell?


I’d say it was instead of not as well as.

You have to create a DVD movie somehow from the mpeg2 files & this is one such authoring program.

If you have Nero I think Nero Vision will do the same.