Can't Fully Extract

I have my 3 files of the game, the IMG(559,823MB), the SUB file(24,483MB), and the CCD file. Now all I want to do is play the game but when I try to extract the IMG file with WinIso, I only get 180MB! It also mentions something about it unable to edit multi-track files. Using Isobuster gives the same results only extracting 180MB. And what is this SUB file, because I can’t open it? Thanks so much for any help.

You don’t have to extract the files to play the game. Simply download the latest version of Daemon Tools:

Then you just have to mount the ccd image using this program (a virtual drive) and then you can install and play the game from there. You don’t need to access the SUB-file; it contains sub-channel data which is useful for backing up copy protected discs onto cd.

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Hi, I jus read this page and need help with the same thing…sorta :confused:

I have an downloaded an album and its in an iso and SUB file, i can extract the iso using deamon tools, but i dont kow how to extract the SUB file.

oh wow long time gap between messages, dosent matter i guess because no oone will be here…