Can't Format with InCD

I have installed InCD on Windows XP that has a LG GCE-8523B CD-RW Drive.

When I right click on the CD-RW Drive there are no “InCD Format” and “InCD Erase” Options in the menu.

When I pop in a blank CD-RW CD I never get a dialogue box asking to format the disc as an InCD disc.

When I pop in the same blank CD-RW in another Windows XP PC with a Yamaha burner, the CD is InCD formated with no problems.

I have reinstalled the InCD software a few times on the PC with LG drive with no luck. The LG drive has no problems burning with Nero.

I need some help on solving this issue as to why I can’t InCD format with the LG drive.

I didn’t have that particular problem with, but I had problems where it would not write files to the drive. I went back to and have had no problems.

I figured out why the InCD program wasn’t working.

It was a setting in the BIOS that prevented the InCD program from working properly.

Could you tell me which setting that was?

yeah, could you tell me too? I’m having the same problem on WinXP. InCD was working properly, I have not used it for some time and now it no longer works (it doesn’t start up, not there when I right click the drive). I even located the InCD app and tried to start it and it wouldn’t start.