Cant flash sony 48/24/48 to liteon

i have flashed before lots of sony drives to liteons so i know the procedure

i just got a sony 48/24/48 drive and i cant flash it to liteon

i tried using mtkflash version 148 n 155 the progie just hangs after displaying the authors name when trying to read the firmware

here is what i am doing

  1. booting from dos boot disket
  2. mtkflash 3 R /B /M sony.bin

it shows the author name and freezes

(secondary master drive)

mtkflash just hangs

Try using FlashFix on the Lite-ON Windows Flasher that you want to use.

that looks quite promising

what if the flashing doesnt work ? is there anyway i can backup original firmware of sony drive ?

You can try moving the drive to Seondary Slave without a master on the secondary channel with it.

k thx i will try that