Can't flash Nec 3540A


I just got a new NEC 3540A. It appears to burn and read fine. I wanted to flash to Liggy’s or Dee’s firmware, but everytime I try, BinFlash gui just hangs at ‘flashing drive’. Binflash can read the firmware, as I have made a backup of the original 1.01 firmware. When binflash hangs, I have to power down my machine. It doesn’t appear to have flashed anything, because the drive still functions after I reboot.

I have searched and can’t find anything obvious that I’m doing wrong.

I am running WinXp Pro SP2 on a Gigabyte dual Athlon board. The NEC drive is on the secondary IDE channel as master all by itself.

Thanks in Advance.

I forgot to mention I’ve tried to flash Liggy’s 1.01e and Dee’s 1.W5

We experienced problems with Windows and Gigabyte Dual boards.
The only suggestions is to try flashing from Linux or DOS.

Hi Liggy,

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try a DOS flash.



I just got my NEC 3540A and love it but had a question about the advantages of upgrading the firmware. I would like to see faster write speeds with -R media. The d/l media is much to expensive for me to invest in right now. Will this upgrade increase current write speeds from, let’s say 4x to 8x in -R or in -RW from 2x to at least 6x? :o Also I have an Asus mobo P4P800-E using Verbatim Movie Discs at the 1x-4x ( +R, -R), Sony (-RW at 2x), Memorex (+RW at the 4x). I also started using Teon and Dynex media. The Dynex media boasts 16x burn speed for -R but the drive only ran it at 12x. Teon ran at only 8x when I expected 16x :sad:

Nero 6 and Roxio 7.5 burning software


Same problem here. Motherboard is TYAN tiger, S2466-4N, dual ATHLON MP. NEC3540 is configured as primary master. Can’t flash…


Hi :slight_smile:

yesterday I have the same problem (winxp sp2 + asus p4r800-vm)

I try with my second pc and now it’ s ok


I made a bootable DOS CD and flashed Liggy’s 1.01e from dos using the dos necflasher. Everything worked fine.

I can’t flash from windows with the gigabyte dual athlon board, but I can use the windows version of necflash to scan, dump, and set the booktype.

Anyway my question is: Is there a .bin version of Dee’s 1.W5 available?


Scorpiosoft usually has versions of firmware on his site but for some reason it cannot be accessed now.

Don’t worry…
You can download NEC firmwares & tools from Liggy-Dee’s own firmware page . :smiley:

Binflash is able to flash almost every exe firmware. Even with DOS, Linux or Mac versions.

Page is back. Some hosting problems…


Liggy - So I should use NECFLASH under DOS and give it the windows .exe file for 1.W5 and it will find the .bin in it to flash?