Can't flash- but I can recover?

Hope it is OK to start a new thread.

I followed the stickys and tried to flash my Lite On 40125s to 48x.

Disabled DMA for all drives in Win 2000 and booted WITHOUT CD rom support using a 98 startup diskette in a: .

I had the 1.55 utility along with vs08 on one floppy and 1.55 utility and vs04 on another floppy.

Tried the vs08 first and got: “Failure to open input file” error. I am not sure if I have it fully extracted or what I did wrong, only one Icon shows up.

Ok so I got back to my original firmware zs0k- glad I made a backup first! :smiley:

Then I decided to try to flash to vs04. This time after typing the MTKFLASH 4 W /B /M vs04.bin I got a screen full of commands and definitions (I think it was).

I didn’t know what to do from there except flash back to my original firmware: ZS0K.

Thought I lost it for a while had to unplug the power cable from the CDRW to get her to boot, but I have it back where it was.

If you can help me here, I thank you.

I have an AMD MSI Kt3 BTW.


R is for reading firmware.
the correct syntax for writing firmware is:
Where _ is a space.

Typed it wrong in the post above, but I tried it several times with the proper W and I got the same results.


Look again at the different syntax for reading vs writing, make triple sure you have it right.
reading: MTKFLASH_x_R_/B_/M filename.bin
writing: MTKFLASH_x_W_/B_filename.bin

I’ll try again later tonight or tomorrow.
At least I know I can flash back to the original, so I should be able to flash to an upgrade.

Is the vso8 version suppose to only have ONE icon, I have that correctled extracted then I assume.

Thanks guys.

Before I go any further is it possible to flash to VS08 in DOS? It appears after doing more reading that the VS08 file I downloaded won’t work in DOS using the mtkflash utility.

I think this was my problem since the unzipped file is a Windoze Application and not a .bin file.

Appreciate any help here.

Where can I get a vs08 bin file?

You sometimes seem to confuse O and 0.

The firmware is v - s - zero - 8…

I know Zero =0 and OH= O.
If I was able to restore my drive to the original firmware which I copied out of my drive then I must be capable of typing the commands. Well at least once!!! :smiley:

Problem is I need a bin version of vs0(zero)8. I download a conversion tool
here but I cannot get this to work.

Oh well, that’s life. :Z

Edit_ I found the vs08 bin file right at the site I mentioned above, now to work!


Went right through the first time. My fault that I didn’t catch the fact that a bin file must be used with MTKflash. :o I didn’t have the stones to attempt to flash from Windows for sure!

Anyway thanks for schooling me on “0”'s and “O”'s! he-he

Now of course my Nero InCD program doesn’t work (Yellow ! on the system tray).

When you guys are stating you are using Scandisk to check for errors is this simply the Windows scandisk program?

Got to try a burn now, thanks again for the guidance and this forum.

Use the Nero utility, CDSpeed, to test for read errors on your burned CDR’s. If you don’t have Nero, you can download the utility HERE .
You might need to update InCD in order for it to recognise your “new” drive.

Thanks RD-
That worked and I update IN CD and it all works great. :smiley:

But I got one problem. Went to copy, just to test things, my Flight Sim game and I get a burn rate of 24 x since the “READ SPEED IS TOO SLOW” (message from Nero).

So how do I fix this? I am running the cdrom on the secondary master, cdrw on secondary slave. Can it be an older IDE cable slowing me up? I also performed a back up of “MY Doc” Folder with Nero and it burned fine at 48x.

Do games read slow? Didn’t try an Audio CD yet.

With the source CD in the source drive, use CDSpeed to run the “transfer rate” test on that drive. This tells you how fast that drive can deliver that data.

All systems are unique in the way the IDE channels will behave. I can get 48x CD copies, on the fly, with your setup, but you will need to try different configurations to be sure you’re getting the most from your system. Simply swapping the writer and reader may make a difference, or it may not.
My current config is:
0-0 : boot HD
0-1 : CDRW
1-0 : HD
1-1 : CDRW
This is the best config for me because I wish to do multiple CD-drive tasks at the same time, like burning from 2 separate instances of Nero, or burning to one drive and running another program from the other CD drive at the same time.
For simple CD copies, on the fly, either config works equally well, but only with the current VIA 4-in-1 drivers for my AMD board. The windows drivers are much slower, for me.
Hope this makes some sense.

Ok I have “Nero CD Speed” and “Nero Drive Speed” in Tools. I am new to this which one? One tests media and the other the drive itself is that correct?

Should I be checking the drive or the media on the read end of the issue?

I have an AMD also my 4 in 1 drivers (4.38) are a little older, have a KT3 Ultra-2 MSI motherboard. I am running at 1715 mhz, overclocked xp1600 with window 2K.

Thanks for all your assistance so far.

Ok I tested the transfer rate on my CDrom (samsung 52x) using Nero as you recommended and it is 18x.

I don’t understand why it is so low. What is this 52x rating about?


If you used an audio CD, you’re testing the audio ripping speed of the drive. Use a data CD to test the data transfer rate, and assuming it’s a good CD you should see the 52x rate. The LiteOn drives really excel at audio ripping rates, mine all run 40x or more at ripping audio. Try testing the same discs in each drive.
Installing the VIA 4-in-1 driver may help you too.

I burned a Cd (back up of My Doc again) at 48x. I am using 40x Att 40X cdr’s BTW, don’t know if they are good, bad, or otherwise; if they suck tell me don’t be shy!

Anyway I did the test using this data disk assuming this is what you meant and on the Samsung cdrom 52x I got average of 34.82. With the test using the Lite On I got average of 32.

I think I will install the 4.43 4 in 1 drivers to see if that helps.

ATT doesn’t make CDR’s, they’re probably CMC media. :Z
run the quality check test, or scandisc, from CDSpeed, on the burned CD’s to see how they are doing.

Oh they suck, or barf according to the icon!

I did run scan disk (Nero’s) and they show OK no data errors. Keep in mind I am a rookie on performing these tests on Nero didn’t even know they existed until I came over to this helpful forum just this past week. I will run a quality test now.

Well, I paid $14.00 for 50 of these and used about 5 so I guess I am stuck with them. I can take the bad ones to the pistol plinking range; they are a slight challange for me at 30-40 yards with my .357. Not a total loss!

What is a good brand if you don’t mind my asking?

If they’re showing no read errors, use them up, but keep the burn speed down to 40 or less. Just don’t depend on them for critical data. I like Fuji, (TY), for reliability. Bestbuy often has them on sale in 50ct or 100ct. Check the media tests in my signature!

I got 199 errors and 12 errors on two I burned today @ 48x with back up data.

On the copy I made of Flight Simulator at 24 x no errors.

I assume the bad sectors(?) are not locked out as in a HDD are they? Sorry, don’t know much about this yet.

I may return them, paid with a credit card and what the heck I can give it a try.

The cdr’s need to have data before they can be checked right, so the only way you can evaluate is to burn and test.

Thanks for all the info I appreciate the education.

Hey do you think this may be slowing me up some on the read cycle?