Can't flash 451s

i want to update my firmware but if i download an official one it doesnt recognise my drive it says “no match drive detected!” i tried firmware.exe and firmware flasher with no luck. the drive is recognised in windows and works perfectly. this is the only optical drive i have connected and it’s the only drive on ide2. anyone has experienced this before?

Welcome :slight_smile:
It would help if you supplied some more data. Which firmware are you currently using ? Does the drive identify as Liteon 451 drive or is it an OEM model using different name strings ?

i’m sorry for posting but i found out what was wrong. when i installed windows xp, i forgot to update the aspi driver. i just installed version 4.60 and i was able to update the firmware. thanks for the reply though.

you can also try this firmware:

it will upgrade your drive to a 832S (-r writing will still be 4x)
it is patched to improve the burn quality

i just read about that firmware. i never imagined this drive could burn dl. and to think i was looking to buy a dl drive. thanks for the headsup.
by the way, which dl media works the best?

The only one working good is Verbatim MKM 001, but they are still too expensive.