Cant flash 1633 BS0C firmware

used Codeking’s flasher, 1633S.BS0C.stock.exe but it does not work
so i used the .bin file and used ltnflash 124 to flash it but it does not work either. the green (only green) LED keeps blinking(even after i rebooted) it also reads nothing and writes nothing. help from u guys is appreciated

is it a 1213s drive you are flashing?? if you in omnpatcher you will need to enable the cross drive patching

Flash in DOS with mtkflash and a binary firmware.

yes its a 1213s i’ll try to use omnipatcher

1213S@1633S Instructions:

1/ Download the stock 1633S firmware BS0C
2/ Unpack the RAR file
3/ Load the exe file into OmniPatcher
4/ Enable the crossflash option and apply the recommended tweaks
5/ Save file as newname.exe
6/ Run the saved exe
7/ click yes
8/ Select the correct drive from the dropdown list
9/ Click update
10/ You have a 1633S :slight_smile:

thx bro
it worked well after applying cross flash
thx again