Can't find working link for GCE8400B firmware 1.12



Please help I want to OC my HL-DT-ST 8320B fm 1.02( 8mb cache) to a 8400B fm1.12. I downloaded the 8320B fm 1.04 and the 8400B fm 1.04, but can’t find a working link for the 8400B fm1.12.


I found the v1.12 firmware, but having trouble updating it to a GCE-8400B. I had no problem updating from a GCE-8032B firmware v1.02 to a v.104, but when I try to update from a GCE-8032B firmware v1.04 to a GCE-8400B firmware v.104 I get an error message saying that I can’t flash between diffrent models.

Also everytime I try to delete the Je4 or Je3.exe’s they wont delete and say that they are in use by another program.