Can't find what's eaten all my HD space

It must have been about 3 years since I last formatted my system, but I’ve got so much stuff installed and with various settings just how I like them, I can’t bring myself to formatting and starting from scratch. I realise the problems that come with not formatting for so long, but I can usually sort these problems out without having to format. One such problem I can’t figure out is where all my hard drive space has gone. I have two hard drives in my machine. A 40gb C drive is where I install Windows and all other programs and a 150gb D drive where I keep music, pictures, downloads, etc. I only have 8gb of space available in my C drive. If I hold the cursor over the C drive it tells me what space I have available, so I go into the drive and hold the cursor over each folder to try and narrow down what’s taking up all the space. I’ve managed to narrow it down to the Documents and Settings folder which contains three other folders; Administrator, All Users and Gary Brown. The ‘Gary Brown’ folder is 17.6gb in size, but when I navigate in the folder all other subfolders and files don’t add up to much more than a few hundred megabytes.

Somethings eaten a big chunk of my hard drive, but I can’t see what.

Take a look here: there are some free and portable tools to find what folders are consuming HDD space.

Download one and see what is wasting GBs :slight_smile:

[B]TAADAAAA…don´t panic Mr Brown.[/B] Help is at hand. Hey Geno…remember this is exactly what happened to me last year…!

Now, I just have to remember how I fixed it :doh:

I think I posted the solution here somewhere. It only took me 3 months to figure it out…should take a little less to find what I did…

…swoosh, up and away… :cool:

yep, I remember :bigsmile:

But I can’t find the link :doh:

Here we go…

So, you need to make some invisible stuff visible…I think you´ll find it in the same place as I did. Let us know

(If I´m wrong, I´ll drink some of the evil grappa :eek: )

Ok, I viewed the hidden files within that folder and there’s a hidden folder in the ‘Gary Brown’ folder called ‘Local Settings’ and there is a folder in there called ‘Temp’. ‘Temp’ is holding just over 16gb of…stuff. Is there a problem with me deleting the contents of this folder? After all it must be hidden for a reason.

Try to use a safer way to delete these temp files :slight_smile:

Right click on the C: drive and select “Properties”. Here there is a “Disc cleanup” button. Press it and select to remove temp files. In this way you are sure to not remove some necessary files :slight_smile:

If you’re not working on a Word document (in other words, close all programs), the Temp folder contents is safe to delete. Windows will still tell you if it can’t delete some of the files in there. Most likely problem is you have some undeleted disc images in there. Which program do you use to copy discs?

Another tip for Thunderbird users: click File -> Compact Folders (even messages deleted from Trash folder won’t really get deleted otherwise).

1st time I ran CCleaner (free), I got rid of about 1 GB of junk that I didn’t know was there, and none of it was temp files. Great little program.

Also, look for JAVA JRT install files from old versions, they can pile up pretty fast.

I use Alcohol 120% to copy, but that has it’s own folder in which to store temp images

I do that. I also remove all but the most recent restore point. You can do that from the same window if you click on the “More Options” tab.

I’ve never needed to do a System Restore and I probably never will, so it seems okay to me. I suppose it might make more sense just to decrease the space used for System Restore.

I don’t know what file manager you guys are using but I use ExplorerXP for tracking down disk space. It shows the size of all folders including the “System Volume Information” folder, where the restore points are stored. It even lets you peek inside that folder. Windows Explorer will do neither.

I use a free lil standalone program called FoldersReport, scans a drive or a folder and shows filesm sizes, tree mode etc.

JDiskReport is pretty handy

u can safely delete the contents of the Temp folder if u log on with a different account with enough rights to access and delete your actual user’s local settings