Can't find VOB Passthrough mode


I’ve read about VOB passthrough mode, but I can’t find any options like this on DVDFab v5.1.1.0

On the DVD to DVD menu (left side) I see: full disc, main movie, split, customize, customize split, clone, merge, write data. Subsequent pages/menus don’t have it either. For example, Main Movie -> Next gives me the options for choosing copying of video_ts and audio_ts folders, removing DTS audio.

I’ve also looked in the DVD to mobile menu which shows: Generic, iPod, PSP, Zune, NDS, xbox360, PS3, cell phone, PVP, PDA.

In dvdfab options I have it set to output to a folder, not a writer.


Use the PS3 profile> Conversion Settings> pick Playstation 3 VOB Passthrough from drop down menu…

This profile is designed for portable hard drives (FAT32) and will result in files split at 4GB. The non-split VOB passthrough instructions can be found in the documentation here:

Scroll down the CustomizeUI page until you see [B]Adding New Devices in DVD to Mobile[/B]. The example uses the AppleTV but VOB Passthrough works the same way.