Cant find TY16x +r's

do they even make them? if so where can i find them?

i have plenty TY 8x +R’s

but was thinking i could speed up my duplications with 16x TY +R’s

if TY doesnt make them can anyone recomend an alternative to TY in the
16x +R department


Try Verbatim 16x +R media, it’s just as good. The link is in this thread:

Just as good as what? There is no TY 16x +R as yet to compare it to, and very little else for that matter.

Their error rates are as low at 16x as the YUDEN000T02’s at 8x, that’s what we are comparing to. (We could look at TYG03 vs. MCC03RG20, but the original poster is only interested in 16x +R to replace 8x-rated Taiyo Yuden media.)

The Maxell ( on sale at Office Depot) +8x are as good as if not better im my opinion as any 8x Tys. They burn at 12x in my NEC 3520 and 3540 with times and scans as good as the Tys.

Japan DVD-R media by Maxell,is slight above in quality than TY as many pro in AV business said.-DVD+R were always best selling product of TY for data backup purposes.

Taiyo Yuden has a much larger market share than Hitachi-Maxell in CD and DVD recordable media so you can find TY 16x DVD+R and 16x DVD-R more easily than Hitachi-Maxell 16x media. Optical media’s important for TY but not for Hitachi (much less than 1% of revenues.)