Can't find the right driver




I have been searching for 2 days now, but i can’t find a soundcard driver for:

Analog Devices AD1981A @ Intel 82801DB ICH4 - AC’97 Audio Controller [A-1]

please help me!:bow:


Hi and Welcome!

normally, the manufacturer of the motherboard should have the drivers you need.

Otherwise search with Google for “AD1981A drivers”.



the manufacuters of my motherboard seems to not have sound drivers for me.


Can’t guarantee this link still works, but try:

Nor can I vouch for the website.


look like its a good driver but if i confirm the download. i just get linked to this


O.K. EagleScream,

I am really sorry about that link and site. It felt a little fishy at the time and I was perhaps a bit quick to post it.:Z

I hope this is a bit better:

It should be a driver released by aopen specifically for the AD1981A and it appears to still sit on their server. Their reputation is hopefully more reliable than that other site I posted before.

Let us know how it goes, whether it does the trick or not.
Sorry again to waste your time with the other link.:o


i’ve already downlaoded that, i dont understand it, i can unzip it, but i dont know what to do with it =/


If the download file is not an installer but a comressed file instead, then there should be an INF file in that package.
Something like “AD1981a.inf” or thereabouts.
In XP, open Device Manager and go to the Audio Controller (where there is probably a yellow question mark) and right-click and choose “Install Driver” or “Update Driver” or something to that effect.
This will start a dialog that you must navigate and you eventually point it at the folder with the INF file.
[B]If it’s the right file[/B], you should get the option to install it and continue on with the installation.
I hope that was clear enough, my explanation is from memory of previous audio driver installations ([I]not[/I] that particular one.)
Good Luck.:cool:


i need the CD :*( but really thanx for your help, im gonna find where i can buy that CD i think


I didn’t fully understand your last post, but if you have solved your driver problem, that’s what matters I guess.

BTW, in general you don’t need a CD to install a driver under XP, AFAIK.


when im on about 50% of installing it says, please insert 'realtek AC97 Audio Driver Disk’in station D: and click OK

from the CD i need ALCXWDM.SYS


Googled for it??



Square one.

1.) What is the make and model of your computer if it is a “manufactured” piece, for example, [B]HP[/B] Pavillion 5400 or [B]Dell[/B] Inspiron 2400 ?

2.) If you have a custom box, what is the [B]motherboard[/B] make and model ?



Seems I got you nowhere. Sorry.

The name of the mainboard manufacturer would be nice, because if their support won’t help you with this–I don’t want to buy a board from them.


hp compaq evo


[quote=EagleScream;2096721]hp compaq evo[/quote]There are estimated 20 000 Compaq Evo models.:wink:
HP has a rather good support for these, so you should be able to get drivers via



OK, now we know it is manufactured…it’s a Compaq Evo now supported by the mothership HP. Sounds like a lappy, huh ?

But that’s not enough dude…we need the model [B]number[/B] after the word Evo on your computer …somewhere.

As requested in post #14 you must be extremely specific in identifying your computer when searching/installing drivers.
And don’t forget to select the driver that is compatible with your OS.

Good Luck.