Can't find the "Advanced Setting" tab under IDE channels to check DMA

I have just put together this Windows XP PC.
When I went to Device Manager to check if DMA is enabled for my hard/optical drives. To my surprise, I could not find the “Advanced Setting” tab under all IDE channels to check DMA (see screenshots).

What is going on? Mine is Windows XP Pro SP2 will all latestes updates.

I used this forum tutorial to Enable/Check DMA under Windows XP.

Please advise. Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Hardware configurations:
5 IDE hard drives - one for the OS and the other four are raided.
Three opticals - DVDRW and CDRW.
All hard drives and opticals are working - except that I have not burned anything (new system)
Please let me if additional info is needed.

Need a lot more info here, like HOW the drives are RAIDed, chipset on the board, etc. Intel application Accelerator will remove that option, and SATA drives in RAID will not have the option either. It’s not really an option for any SATA drive.

From the Device Manager screenshot it appears the motherboard has an Intel chipset.

Frequently, the installation of the Intel Application Accelerator will manage the settings of the IDE controllers. As such, the Advanced Settings tab is eliminated.

Unfortunately, I’ve witnessed the demise of a few system by IAA. Some from the installation and some as a result of the uninstallation.
In order to manually configure the data transfer options with referene to memory (DMA), IAA must be removed from the system.

You both are right - I have IAA installed from M/O driver CD. :clap:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.2 GHz with 845 Chipset, Socket 478
Raid: 4 disks raided as individual drives using Promise raid controller onboard

It is not really a new system. I just put PC up using spare parts laying around…
Anyway I attached a full IAA hardware report.

Are you suggesting that uninstalling IAA will make the “Advanced Settings” for IDE channels?
From additional screenshots I attached, I see these IAA settings…

Current Transfer Mode for Primary Channel: UDMA-5
Current Transfer Mode for Primary Channel: UDMA-2

As you can see in the screenshots, there is no option for enabling DMA for those Raided disks.
[B]Are the above settings managed by IAA the optimal for burning DVDs?[/B]

Thanks for advising! :smiley:

IAA Report.txt (25.2 KB)

I’m still not clear on how your discs are RAIDed. But if everything is functioning as expected, might be best to leave it alone.