Cant find Optiarc AD-7591S on Liggy and Dee's website



Hi, a message for Liggy and Dee

First let me thank L&D for excellent work. I used your modified f/w on my NEC desktop DVD writer and made it faster and uncrippled:clap:

On my laptop Compaq c60-100, the DVD writer is Optiarc AD-7591S and I tried to find your f/w to flash it but your site only had the 7590/7593 listed. Can I use the f/w for either of these for my Optiarc AD-7591S?

Searched the forum for this drive but only found that the binflash supports this drive since v1.54. Any help would be much appreciated.


I wasn’t aware that there actually are AD-7591S drives but Binflash should support them anyway.

However I can only provide firmwares on our site that I actually got hold of and I have not yet received an AD-7591S firmware.


[QUOTE=Liggy;2599237] I have not yet received an AD-7591S firmware.[/QUOTE]

Liggy, thanks very much for your quick reply. I should have known that you would need the original firmware to work on.

Excuse my ignorance but can I provide it to you? I have used Binflash to dump the firmware (version 1.84) and it is in a dropbox I use. Is the dump a format that you can use? If it is of use, here’s the link to the file:
( Cut and Paste: )
I hope the moderators allow this link, otherwise if you can use it, I can PM it to you.

Again, magnificent work you’re doing.