Can't find my BenQ EW 162I!

Ok I do now have this very special relationship with my BenQ…
But there are those days when I can’t find him anywhere on my computer, when Windows (XP Pro) can’t find him and asks me to install some pilot (and I think that this product doesn’t need any)
It’s one of those days :sad: , please help me!

I’m guessing that today you can’t see your BenQ in Device Manager? You’re right, you shouldn’t need a driver for your BenQ.

You might want to make sure your IDE cable is pushed into the back of the drive properly.

I very occasionally get the same problem with my LiteOn, but in my case I have a dodgy power supply, so I just assume it’s that - it always reappears after a reboot.

Hi :slight_smile:
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Your right you don’t need anything with XP. I had this happen to me. I tried two approaches. 1: Shutdown pc & turn off at mains, unplug all USB devices. Switch mains back on & boot pc. Install USB devices one at a time making you give pc time to recognise them. 2: Try a system restore at a point before problem arose. Good luck, let us know how it goes.

Edit: I hope I’m right & this is a USB DVDRW. :bigsmile:

Good catch zebadee - I thought it was a regular internal drive :bigsmile:

Hi :slight_smile:
I know it’s all to easy to do. I did PM you. Still your trying & it proves your mum right when she said that you were very trying. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ooops done it now the gossips will have a field day. :bigsmile:

Shaddup and keep on topic. But look over your shoulder at regular intervals. :wink: :bigsmile:

Thanks to you both ! And zebadee you’re right it’s a USB device. I think that I usually do what you recommended me to do (shutdown PC unplugging usb devices boot pc then plug usb devices again and most of the time it works…but I am going to try again)
What do you mean by “Try a system restore at a point before problem arose”? (I’m really sorry to be such a newbie !)

Hi :slight_smile:
I was being subtle/sarcastic about the USB thing.
Windows XP every so often does a ‘system backup’. You can access this & return to a date (provided there is a restore) before the time at which you started having problems.
Go start button > all programs > accessories > system tools > system restore.

Glad you got it sorted. + the PM. :o :o :o