Cant find my ANY DVD key

I have previously downloaded any dvd. My trial period had expired about 2 weeks ago. Today I paid and downloaded a new key. I cannot find any key, and when I click on any dvd it says that my trial period has expired. I supposedly saved the key to my desktop and I click on it, and it sends me back to the any dvd download? I downloaded the key from Can anyone please help? Thanks :doh:

Have you sent them an email for help. Also they should have sent you an email with your key did you get it.

Check the email you received when you purchased it. It should have the key attached as an attachment as well as download links. That email explains how to use the key and to BACK IT UP to a safe place.

Look at your email from slysoft and redownload it to the desktop if you haven’t already and just double click the reg. key and it’ll do what it needs to do to register it. Then save then downloaded key in case you reneed it in case of a crash or such on the PC. do not just save it on the PC alone if the pc is ever unrecoverable then the key is lost to so save it to a cd or flash drive or floppy for future need.

Welcome to the forum, but I am sorry to say that only Slysoft support can help you with this one. I hope you saved your e-mail . Do a " search" maybe you downloaded it to another folder, but your e-mail from when you bought it should give you some information. If you have that you can alway download it again.