Can't find Media files after XP reinstall

I just reinstalled Windows XP.
Before that, I backed up my music folders on a That’s Write DVD-R.
I have the NEC DVD recorder ND-3540A.

So after a fresh install of WinXP, I installed my MB and GFX drivers.
Then it was time for my music to get back on the HD.

When I tried to enter the DVD on My Computer, I get an empty screen.
The label sais: CD Drive (E:) but the logo on the DVD Rom sais: DVD-R.

I burned a DVD DATA disc with Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.14 Ultra Edition.

I tried the DVD on my laptop, and it worked fine.
Installing BF2 also works fine.
(Battlefield 2 PC DVD Rom, not the CD version)

What’s wrong? I can find files from other DVD’s, but not this one!
But on my Laptop I can!!!

Thank you, SuzPaz