Cant find language

I tried to make a backup copy of “Enough” - in german “Genug”. The movie is close 2 hours, so I want to make a movie only backup to safe quality.
But after dvdbackup1.3 made his job, I cant only find english as language and not the possibility to choose german. :rolleyes: So I had to make a full copy to use the german language.
Has someone an idea or sometimes the same problem??

do use dvd2one or not? - what is dvdbackup?

yes , sure, after made a copy from dvd to my harddisk, I open (as usual) with dvd2one my VIDEO_TS folder to start my “movie only” writing. but I couldnt choose germen, because only english language was visible,- so I had to make a “Full copy”.:rolleyes:

Originally posted by zhokov
do use dvd2one or not? - what is dvdbackup?

DVD Backup is a Macintosh decrypter that is similar to DVD Decrypter for the PC. :smiley: