Can't find files on DVD with certain DVD player (Computer)

I just reinstalled Windows XP.
Before that, I backed up my music folders on a That’s Write DVD-R.
I have the NEC DVD recorder ND-3540A.

So after a fresh install of WinXP, I installed my MB and GFX drivers.
Then it was time for my music to get back on the HD.

When I tried to enter the DVD on My Computer, I get an empty screen.
The label sais: CD Drive (E but the logo on the DVD Rom sais: DVD-R.

I burned a DVD DATA disc with Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.14 Ultra Edition.

I tried the DVD on my laptop, and it worked fine.
Installing BF2 also works fine.
(Battlefield 2 PC DVD Rom, not the CD version)

What’s wrong? I can find files from other DVD’s, but not this one!
But on my Laptop I can!!!

Thank you, SuzPaz

Even though it is showing as a CD drive, did you try double clicking on it to see what happens?

Just a guess but from what you’ve described it sounds like you made some files with a program that now is no longer on your puter. ie made files with MS Word but now you don’t have word on your puter but you do on the laptop. Could this be your problem? What kind of files are they and what program did you make them with?

The files are basically music mp3, and some mpg, and some jpg files.
It was a backup for my Music folder.

I burned it with Nero, but even though I’ve installed it again, I can’t open the DVD.

It works fine with my Laptop, and before I reinstalled Windows XP

If you re-installed Nero, go to the site and get ALL of the latest updates and see if that helps.

But why does it work on a laptop with no burning software or burning recorder?

Has to be something in the OS

Any ideas what it might be?

I’d take a look at all the programs on your laptop and see if there is one there that is not on the one you just re-loaded. Also are they the same service pack? SP1 or SP2?

One noticable thing is that when I right click the DVD icon in My Computer, I get an option called: “Write theese files to disc now” or something.

Anyways, I’m on my way to spain in 20 min, so thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

Gonna check this thread in 10 days :stuck_out_tongue:

Peace out, SuzPaz