Cant find file 7.9gb from plextor xl pro copy



I was trying out the copy dvd using a 716uf with the plextor xl pro software,the transcoding went fine but of course when it came to write on a single layer dvd the file was to big,seeing this,I closed the software down but the transcoded film was still on my hard disc,and I just cant find it to delete it.
What a twerp Can you advise
Thanks for looking anyway


Go to Options -> Preferences

and choose the “Recording Options” tab: the file should be located at the path below “Image file”…

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:



Thank you for your reply. I contacted plextor and they told me "The file will be stored in one of the extesionsiso orpxi " I am still non the wiser can you explain what they mean please


Thank you for your help,ET, I have now found the file and deleted it


Sorry that I hadn’t been able to answer before… glad that you worked it out anyway. :slight_smile: