Can't find dma settings, Vista



Not sore sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes…
Triing to help my mom set her dma back on on her Vista pc. I know how to set it on mines if need be. But i got her into the Device Manager and she read me off what her list had (over phone). She doesn’t have the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller like mines does and i’m very sure she’s running 32bit. Her burns are taking 30 minutes using ImgBurn and her transcoding(dvd shrink) and ripping(dvdfab) are taking longer than usual for doing dvd’s. What can i do to help her out with this to get things running back normal with speed times on burns and transcoding?
Help please.


Does she perhaps have one of the newer dell systems with all SATA drives???


Sorry for the delay in responce, work. She told me earlier today that it is a dell and it’s a yr old. So, it just may be that she has a SATA drive. What can you tell me?


If there is no ide, and it is sata, check to see that the sata is not set to raid mode…


ah crap. she wouldn’t even know how to check that and i’m sure you have to get into BIOS to check that right?


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You can use [B][U]CD/DVDSpeed[/U][/B] to tell you what drives are installed.
Make & model will enable you to tell if its IDE or SATA.
[B][U]PCWizard[/U][/B] will tell you a lot more.
Both are free.
Even using Device Manager should give you this info.


I’ll have to get in touch with her this saturday and do this with her. Gonna be fun…not. Thanks people, i’ll report back later Saturday night.
Thanks for the welcome.


Hey guys,

I am having problems with my DVD Burner, and was looking to the DMA to see if it’s the problem. I have a new Dell Esperon, and may have SATA drives. Could you please expound on this a bit and let me know what I need to do to get my DVD burner back up to speed?