Cant find bin fw for 5232as-U Asus

I flash it by 1.01 asus firmware and now it’s DEAD. Not detecting in bios and windows.
Last chance to flash it by BIN by mktflash. Please, send me BIN or link to file to fishman (at)
Thank you!!!
(probably I destroy asus by flashing in DMA mode ???)

Sorry. My model is 5232as - on IDE chanel.

Please, HEEEELP!!!

Pursue a replacement from Asus. Does this drive even work with mtkflash?

Yes. Even some people report, that program hang at 0%, I’m able to read and write firmware. But probably I read corrupted firmware from drive and do not have firmware in bin format for my model. Flashing to drive firmware from ASUS CRW-5224 give no results - drive is dead :frowning:

it’s normal if mtkfalsh not supported by drive…

you take .bin format firmware for you drive end flash with WINFLASH mode IDE end you drive retourned normal

sorry my english…

Yes- the drive can be readen by mtkflash (I have CRW-5232AS, which should be similar to 5232AS-U)- I know it for sure by now. But unfortunately, my case is just like samsam’s- Asus’s firmware updater made my firmware corrupted too, and I need a clean *.bin firmware. Is there anyone who would visit read the instructions and make a backup of his Asus’s CRW-5232AS (watch out not to mistake those three models: 5232A, 5232AS, 5232AS-U!) firmware in *.bin and send it me at oso-me[at]

Quick howto:
download mtkflash:
create a DOS boot-diskette using for example:
place mtkflash on the diskette, reboot and type under DOS:
mtkflash R /M /B ASUS.BIN
you will be asked on which channel your Asus is connected- press a corresponding number (1-primary master, 2-pri slave, 3-secondary master, 4-sec slave). Dont worry about mistake- optical drive(s) will be pre-detected
wait until prompted to reboot
publish/send us your file.