Can't find BenQ supplier

Hi everyone

I’ve looked through this site, and it seems you’re all impressed with BenQ, so I decided to buy one. No matter what model I search for, I can’t find anyone who actually has any in stock! :confused:

which one should I be going for? where can I buy (UK) online?

I’m not interested in litescribe, most of my burns are movies (backups of course). I’m more interested in quality of burn than speed (and ability to work with cheap media but produce good results). I have a pioneer 111D that’s started to produce movies that won’t play properly on my standalone, using the same media that used to be fine (datawrite titanium). Burning at 4x helps, but they’re still prone to lockups.

oh and I have no spare SATA so it needs to be EIDE

any help gratefully received

BenQ 1655 You can buy it with a enclosure or with out. It is IDE Interface.

Also you can find different models here .

not much use if the guy stays in the UK, as stated.

finding a 1650/55 online will be quite hard, sometimes PC world has them online & in the store, but i think you need to know what to look for, as in they could be rebadged

Looking at the bare drives (brown box) in PC World can often throw up a BenQ too, there are several in my local branch in Bristol.

Some people have been swapping the drives in them though, so if you find one get them to open it up so you can check the model.

Off-topic: I wouldn’t recommend Datawrite Titanium discs for quality burns :slight_smile:

what would you recommend? (that are cheap :wink: )

If you would of actaully looked through some of the listings there were some that ship WORLDWIDE.

yes, there are a couple that ships worldwide, as the guy is also looking to buy CHEAP dvd’s, so paying a premium price to get the drive shipped from the US or AU may not be what the guy wants, i’d let them stay in there own country and go down to PC world and have a good look there :wink:

well perhaps it’s not the drive at fault if titaniums are not much good. maybe I’ve been lucky with them in the past.

is the benq so much better than the pioneer that it’s worth scouring the world for them?!

ps, benq 1650 listed but “not available”

well, I found a site that actually sells things and wasn’t a "£&*!& parasite to other retailers that actually had 1 (count em!) 1650, so I’ve ordered it. Hopefully their listings are correct!

thanks for your help.

computer depot has rebadged 1655’s on sale for 24.99 + shipping around 38.00 for a rebadged connect