Cant find any "dvd-rom udf/iso" icon in my Nero 6

Tonight I hope to burn my first dvd-movie at my new computer, but when I follow one of all burning-guides I have found all over the net, it tells me to start with chosing “dvd-rom (udf/iso)”.
In the “new compilation” menu I can chose between a lot of different options like “cd-rom iso”, audio-cd, super video cd…and so on, but nothing about any dvd???

Yes i have a dvd-burner installed and it works in other programs…Nero-6 find it but no dvd-options are given except for: “mini dvd”

Am I supposed to install any codec or what?

Any answer is highly appreciated

Stefan Ljungstrom

Hi Orthanc,

you can switch between CD and DVD mode in Nero, must be in the upper left corner of the ‘new compilation’ menu. Then maybe there is the thing you’re looking for I’m not sure never burned DVD movies:)

Hi Kalas.
Thanx for the reply.
The reason i´m here this soon is that I wanted to let everyone know that I actually found it out myself, and doesn´t need any help for it anymore.

Yes I´m a newbee…but this is the right section…right? :bigsmile:

Thanx anyway…!


You’re welcome,

everybody will help you if it could solve your problem at cdfreaks:)
That’s my experience here and if you don’t understand the things they are writing to you just ask and ask and ask…
I don’t really know if this section is the right one for your problem, but who cares :). If I don’t know the section I’m also writng my problems here:bigsmile: