Can't find a firmware for this model ? [48247S]




one of my friends want to update the firmware os his cd writer.

Model LTR-48247S. Checked model with Nero Infotool.
Actual firmware version: PPB1

I just checked on the Liteon odd firmware page and there is no firmware for this drive. I could say it does not exist for Liteon web site.

The cd writer is installed in a pc tower Compaq Presario 061 model S5390FR.

Is the 48247S a oem version of the 48246S ?

I don’t know where to download the last firmware for this drive :confused:

Thanks in advance.


It’s not a 48246S, but a downgraded 52327S. Probably Compaq OEM.


so i can flash the drive with the last firmware of the 52327S without any problem ?


:iagree: :cool:


Thank you :slight_smile:


what is the most secure tool to update 48247S to 52327S ?

  • Ltnflash
  • LtnFW
  • Eeprom Utility
  • original windows flasher included with last 52327S firmware ?


LTNFW is just an older version of LTNflash. The EEPROM Utility is ONLY for EEPROM, it can’t backup/update your firmware.

I have just uploaded the QS0E firmware in .bin format on my site. Grab that and use LTNFlash, read instructions and AWAY you GO!!! Enjoy your 52327S :cool:


Thank you very much.

All works fine with new firmware of 52327S. :wink:


LtnFW is newer and better than LtnFlash. There are cases where LtnFW can handle certain firmware flashes that LtnFlash cannot. LtnFW only seems older because it has the EEPROM support stripped out, but that was because of LtnFlash’s controversy, but LtnFW really is newer and more stable. With the EEPROM Utility around to handle EEPROM-related things, there isn’t any reason to continue using LtnFlash instead of LtnFW.


whell i did some firmware upgrading and it has given me some problems and i just want to know is someone has the LTR 48247S original firmware also with the firmware updater program . if found plz s :slight_smile: end it to thx


You didn’t happen to try to flash a 52x firmware onto your drive, did you? Because there are two different hardware revisions of the 7S CD burner series, and two different sets of firmware, one for each of the revisions. If you had flashed the wrong firmware, it’ll cause problems (if you flashed a r2 firmware onto a r1 drive, you can fix it… if you flashed a r1 firmware onto a r2 drive, you can’t fix it and you’ll just have to get a new drive). But without your original firmware, it’s kinda hard to determine what revision your drive is. I’m going to guess r1, but I can’t be sure.

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